Cincinnati Helicopter Aerial Filming, Photography and Surveys...

No job in Ohio is too big or too small!

No matter what form of aerial survey you need, including both magnetometer and electromagnetic surveys, Cincinnati Helicopter Charters can provide a wide range of options by combining the low flying and hover capabilities of helicopters. Add a camera and mount and you can film or photo Cincinnati from the Ohio sky!

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Cincinnati Surveys, Filming and Photography:

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Aerial Filming, Photography and Surveys in Cincinnati
No vehicle makes it as easy as a Cincinnati Helicopter!

Thank you for trusting Cincinnati Helicopter Charters for your filming and photography projects! We have a highly trained team of helicopter specialists waiting to assist you. Our Cincinnati Helicopter Team will professionally assist you with the right helicopter and state-of-the-art technology. We will quickly and efficiently get your project into production. Read the information below to decide on what Aerial Filming, Aerial Photography or Aerial Survey options fits your needs the best, and then call our knowledgeable experts to consult and finalize your plans.

Call us at 1-866-826-4826 to book a Cincinnati Helicopter for your next project!

Cincinnati Aerial Filming
The Top Pilots in Ohio, Today's Technology... Maximum Results.

Cincinnati Aerial FilmingCincinnati Helicopter Charters has the reach to bring you what you need for aerial filming in Ohio. Our Network can provide the latest technology to work out custom shoots, using gyro-stabilized camera mounts (Tyler Mounts, Wesscam, Cineflex, and spacecam) with Specialty Cameras (Cineflex HD, FLIR.) From air to air or ground to air shots, we can support all aspects for your production goals. Specializing in Cincinnati helicopters for both still and motion photography, our nationwide network can provide for almost every media related operation in Ohio; film, television, documentaries, promotional videos, commercials, aerial props, relief work for television networks and coverage of historical and major sporting events from a variety of helicopters.

Call Us Today at 1-866-826-4826 for Free Information on Aerial Filming in Cincinnati!

Need Aerial Photography in Cincinnati?
We will help you find the right equipment for your Ohio job!

Cincinnati Aerial PhotographyThe spectacular settings and breath taking views that Cincinnati Helicopter Charters provide can only be accomplished from the sky. Discover for yourself on one of our charters designed to meet your aerial photography need in the Cincinnati clouds.

Cincinnati Helicopter Charters is prepared and excited to offer our clients the most affordable photographic opportunities of this kind in Ohio. We work with the best camera operators, aerial coordinators, helicopter pilots, and the latest equipment in the Cincinnati area. Call for info on gyro mounts to get that extra bit of stability.

Call Us Today at 1-866-826-4826 for Free Information on Aerial Photography in Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Aerial Surveying Done Right!
The fastest and easiest way to survey the Ohio landscape!

Cincinnati Aerial SurveysCincinnati Helicopter Charters provides the tools needed to complete your land surveys, utilizing the right equipment to provide the aerial photos that are often needed.

Cincinnati Aerial Surveys make looking over your future home or showing demographics and photos of an area for a commercial business project simple. Helicopter surveys are the only way to look over the Ohio terrain. Cincinnati Helicopter Charters can develop the right photographic and remote sensing operations custom fit to maximize technical and financial efficiency as well as results.

There is no better way than from the Cincinnati, Ohio sky to do your survey; animal population counts, soil drainage issues and geographical surveys call us today!

Call Us Today at 1-866-826-4826 for Free Information on Aerial Surveys in Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Helicopter Charters is a network of professional affiliates who are part of the American Helicopter Network.
Regulations may prohibit Helicopter Charters in the city proper. Local helicopter charter affiliates are conveniently located near Cincinnati, Ohio.